Required For Admission to Training
Pre-qualification for Enrollment
You desire to become more ethical.
You are in a position of leadership or desire to be in management.
You have at least a high school education, perhaps some college credits but more importantly on the job training and work experience of at lest three years.
You have no fear in doing digital online training.
You are willing to work at training. 
  1. You have served in some capacity as a teacher, care-giver, trainer, project leader, volunteer, supervisor or manager, business owner, church leader, former military, club officer, or community organizer. 
  2. You possess a valid Passport and/or US drivers License. 
  3. You have a strong desire to teach, train, and/or demonstrate to others ethics and character development.


Any Questions?

Write your questions in the narrative portion of the Application form. There is no obligation.