Community Service Through Certification


To Be Trained To Teach

The GLOBAL ACADEMY (ONLINE) offers its resources and its associated professionals to teaching and developing individuals and organizations in character  through its proprietary Applied Ethics  certification  program.

Many have known from the dawn of Man that it is education and the acquisition of knowledge that pulls individuals out of the clutches of the vicious cycle of poverty, famine, war, pestilence, and consequently the  unethical  and questionable  behavior that follows close behind that is detrimental to the community and citizens served by them. Now, more than every before, individuals and organizations have the availability of the training, tools, technology, and delivery systems to share and teach others anywhere, anytime, night or day, anywhere in the world.

The mission of this specialized Global Academy Applied Ethics Training Program is to bring this advanced training and knowledge of character and values into every organization and every community, its schools and small businesses that includes those that are public, private, local, national, and international.

What does it take to be CERTIFIED...

1.Can you be trained? Ethics  training has a way for you to put your acquired  new  knowledge online and teach it once prepared and certified to share informally, formally or online.

2. Can you train?  Do you feel you can put your knowledge online and train others online? Successfully completing the Applied Ethics program will provide you with this valuable skill set!

3. Can you give your TIME? The great reward is that once you are trained, you can train others. They in turn can also train others and so on in an endless chain of development. Neil Armstrong, the first human being to step onto the  Moon's surface put it quite succinctly when he said as he planted his foot on the Moon as the first human to step on it said, "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

Take that one small step today to train and to train others in the ethical and moral imperative to 'do no harm' and the voluntary imperative to 'do good'.